Clear Image Technologies is a company focused on affordable, reliable camera solutions for the direct mail industry. We understand that each mailers needs are different and that one large, complex system is more than many companies need. Our goal is to provide user-friendly, scalable, camera alternatives. All of our products are modular.

In 2007, seeing the need for an affordable alternative to hand checking or hand inserting match mailings, we developed the Picture Perfect Match System. This visual match system, retrofitted to a customers existing inserter, displays images of the mail components on a monitor allows the operator to visually inspect to ensure match integrity. This provided a low cost, semi automated system to companies with medium volume match mailings.

Upgrades include:

  • Optical character recognition – Read Alpha/Numeric characters.
  • Barcode recognition – Read Data Matrix, QR, IMB and a variety of 1D barcodes.
  • Image Capture – Capture an image of each piece as a .jpg file.
  • Read and Print – Using our reading technology, inc.jet’s printing software and HP print technology, we can insert, match and print in one pass.

The OCR and barcode reading can be used for mail matching, sequence checking, lot number verification, End of process verification. These upgrades will stop the machine and provide a report at the end of the job.

The Picture Perfect Match System has been installed on Bell and Howell, Inscerco, some Flowmasters, some Buhrs inserters and HP Indigo printers.

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